Helo LX Plus

CES ANNOUNCEMENTS! WOR(l)D is already creating ground-breaking HISTORY – not only is WOR(l)D the FIRST network marketing company attending the CES convention and now have already made some incredible announcements!  

Fabio Galdi (WOR(l)D CEO) – Watch This Video!
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The Sugar Trend Software is HERE! Available in 3 versions! The much awaited sugar trend software will now be available in the Helo LX, Helo LX Plus, & Helo LX Pro! You heard right!!! This means that it will also be available on the Helo LX!!! WOR(l)D is committed to providing ground-breaking technology products unlike any other devices out there. With that being said, WOR(l)D wanted to make sure the accuracy of the software was as high as possible by introducing the additional device for the HELO called the HELO EXTENSE.
The HELO EXTENSE, while connected to the HELO LX or HELO LX PLUS, will allow you to estimate your sugar trend levels with incredible accuracy up to 9 levels through the Sugar Trend Software! If that wasn’t exciting enough, WOR(l)D decided to include the EXTENSE device for FREE with every purchase of the Sugar Trend Software!!! Sugar Trend Software – Price $299 (over a $500 value!) Extense Device : Included FREE (plus shipping & taxes) The accuracy of the sugar software will vary based on the device:
  • HELO LX = 3 levels (Low, Normal, High)
  • HELO LX PLUS = 9 levels (Official release date will be announced during February 2018.)

Find out more about Helo LX Plus & business plan here!